If you have never been to Punta Mita and haven’t had the experiences of walking on its smooth beach, discovering the quality of life of this heavenly retreat, spending a short time or permanently settling here, and seeing yourself in the immensity of the sea, in North Shore Realty we encourage you to let us guide you through this journey.

Punta Mita Properties

Banderas Bay is one of the leading municipalities of the state of Nayarit, in Mexico; It is part of the Riviera Nayarit (known worldwide for its beaches) and is one of the best vacation destinations in the continent.

Purchasing one or more properties in Punta Mita it is one of the wisest investment anyone can make in his or her life. Think a little on the landscape that can see a person who lives or has decided to spend some time in this place: Punta Mita is a small paradise in another paradise. All around there are about ten kilometers of beaches where they have not yet installed any hotels, facing the dazzling Pacific Ocean.

Decades ago, this was an area which lived from its own trading business, with its individual resources, today it has become one of the world’s great tourist destinations to rest and contemplate a couple of unforgettable natural spectacles. There are, of course, several first-class hotels in the region.

In any of the properties in Punta Mita, common activities such as outdoor lounging, lying on the sand with a parasol, sunbathing while reading a book, change utterly its meaning because of its surrounding landscape (the beach, the Pacific, heaven) and its environment.

It is also an excellent destination for golf enthusiasts. Here you will find, if golf is your favorite game, a field that is second to none worldwide as one of the holes scoring (dubbed as “whale tail”) is almost two kilometers from the point where the run starts. You may wonder what is so amazing this? Those almost two kilometers of separation are the route to reach an island. Where in the world you can play against the background of the vast ocean?

However, it is not the only one in the region, as there are others who take advantage of the beautiful scenery to integrate the field, leaving aside for this reason, the complexity of its design as well as the various options open to his players. Let’s just say that if there are capitals of this game worldwide, Punta Mita is one of them.

Purchasing one or more properties in Punta Mita has many more advantages, plus everything golf enthusiasts will find. The cuisine of the place, reflected in a distinguished group of five-star restaurants, bars and a great spa supply a number of recreational needs both for tourists and local residents.

In North Shore Realty we invite you to drop for a moment all the activities that keep stressed and not allow you to rest, and join us to visit this natural clean paradise away from civilization, which will provide you a high quality of life and tranquility. We assure you that living for a while here, once a year, either you rent or purchase in Punta Mita, you will return to your daily life, among work, the city, your projects and personal commitments, with a dose of mental clarity, new energy and a more vital health status.

In addition, the experience of living on the beach for a while will leave unforgettable memories in your life. For example: the arrival of humpback whales, those who come only to give birth, or a visit to the legendary underground beach which is within walking distance of the Riviera Nayarit, so the distance from Punta Mita isn´t really too much. It is located in the Marietta, a group of small islands in the region, where by the way, you can also snorkel. The underground or hidden beach is also known as the “sea of love” and the only way to get there is to go into a cave and swim for a few meters. As you can understand, the Riviera Nayarit contains some of the best options to practice certain games or extreme sports.

North Shore Realty we have a great team of real estate professionals who are at your disposal if you want to have some properties in Punta Mita. Any questions you have regarding the acquisition of a property in the Banderas Bay municipality and the Riviera Nayarit, will be solved with ease by any of our agents, whether dealing with management to acquire the property or to agree a reasonable rent amount.

Come to Punta Mita, get to know the city and explore the Riviera: do not miss the unique opportunity to live in a peaceful environment and owning a large, upscale condo overlooking the Pacific in an area that asks nothing to some of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.

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