Nobody can deny that Mexico has some of the most attractive tourist destinations on the continent and the world. And this country, given its characteristics is home to many species of flora and fauna. Besides being very diverse, Mexico is a multicultural country, we can say that one of its main features is that it has everything in every way: from a variety of climates, to a list of more than 200 languages and dialects still they are spoken today.

Punta Mita Vacation Rentals

Within all that Mexico paradises, there is one that has stood for several years: the beautiful Riviera Nayarit. This coastline, which extends hundreds of meters, at the same time hosts other destinations renowned worldwide for their breathtaking beauty as it is Punta Mita. If you enter the official site of the Riviera Nayarit, you will find the words that define this area are, first of all peace and quiet, and secondly, luxury and exclusivity.

Holiday rentals in Punta Mita are your best choice to come to know and enjoy all the attractions that this place is for you. And to help you in your quest is North Shore Realty, the leading real estate company with 20 years of combined experience in the market . We invite you to get to know our special services focused on the spaces and real estate leasing so you can have the holiday you deserve , and during those days so cherished, do not worry about anything but yourself and your traveling companions.

In North Shore Realty we’ll help you find the place of your dreams for you stay, because we are a company specialized in offering luxury properties with the bonus of being located in front of the imposing and vast ocean that it decorates sublimely , the view of all the Riviera Nayarit. As we mentioned, Punta Mita area is characterized by the most opulent real estate in this coastal strip, which with its beauty attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. Forthem and foryou, we offer vacation rentals Punta Mita.

Also, if you stay in one of the luxury properties that North Shore Realty offers you, not only you will know the exclusive Punta Mita, but also you can visit other very famous tourist spots that are in the same Riviera Nayarit. For example, if you are someone who like to attend watersports events like surfing, or even to practiceit, you will be able to go from Punta Mita to Sayulita, a small town that is located on Banderas Bay, which brings together surfers from all over the world.

But not just Sayulita is in the bearby area, also during a vacation, you can visit other destinations located in the Riviera Nayarit, such as Nuevo Vallarta, an ideal destination for a family trip, or if besides the luxury, you also like the wonders offered by more traditional places, you can go to the town of Bucerias. Othervillages are featured for tourism Rincon de Guayabitos, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, San Blas or San Francisco, the lateral soknown as San Pancho; in all these places activities for everyone can be enjoyed.

So you know, if you decide to stay in any of the vacation rentals Punta Mita, after meeting during the day the main attractions of the Riviera Nayarit and their villages , you’ll come to rest in the most distinguished of all, get you to the pool to relax and enjoy a beautiful sky with exquisite weather. But if you really want to travel on vacation and to forget about the accumulated stress, you do not have to move anywhere, as in Punta de Mita you have everything, and while you go out to dinner, you will breath the calm in the air. It is for this reason that Punta Mita is considered an ideal place not only for vacation, but to live.

However, we know that the decision to change your residence can be complicated for different reasons, especially if you already have a lifetime made elsewhere with very different characteristics. However, buying property in Punta de Mita is a great investment, so you can buy, say, a rest house. To convince yourself, just give you the opportunity to spend a holiday at least one week in this little piece of heaven, the pinnacle of Riviera Nayarit. Reward yourself for all your efforts and enjoys a very special atmosphere that combines natural beauty with the luxury of vacation rentals Punta Mita.

North Shore Realty assures you that after that dream vacation, you’ll want this place to be your everyday reality. And we’re here to help you fulfill your dreams, putting at your disposal the most distinguished real estate exclusive location, either for rent for a holiday period, to live here for a while or indefinitely, or, instead of rent, you acquire a property whose value tends to increase. We invite you to explore our official site, and of course, we invite you to visit Punta de Mita, an ideal place for golf, eating delicious food or doing whatever you want to.